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Summer School

Alpha High School will continue to offer summer school programs. The format will be based on ensuring the health and safety of our students. This means classes will be offered in-person, or leverage virtual classrooms, as we have for our full-time students to complete their academic year. Any questions can be directed to

Students who would like to audit a course (complete all of the course work and testing points to ensure knowledge, but an academic credit is not awarded) are able to do so. Students wishing to audit must make their teacher aware of their intention within the first week of summer school studies.



The Alpha High School summer school program offers highly personalized and experiential learning at two our campuses. We give our students the opportunity to enhance their education with intensive, month-long high school courses in a wide array of subjects, including mathematics, science, English, and humanities.

Choosing Alpha High School for summer school in Toronto and across Ontario, allows students to benefit from our small class sizes and personalized approach, setting students up for a successful fall semester.

Alpha High School campuses will consider applications from mature students (20 years +) to study in summer school programs, however, mature students must have an admissions interview with the campus before being enrolled in any course. Mature students are encouraged to consider enrolling in Alpha E-Learning courses as an alternative.

Scroll down to see the more specific summer school programs we offer as well as which locations they are available at across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

We strongly encourage students to register for Summer School no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of classes.

Alpha High School offers Grade 9–12 courses with start dates in January and the fall term in September and summer term in April at two of our campuses; North York, Richmond Hill.


Alpha E-Learning

Study anytime, anywhere with Alpha E-Learning.

With over 50 online high school courses, plus SAT preparation to choose from, Alpha High School Online allows Grade 9 to 12 students the opportunity to take an extra credit at any time and from anywhere. Students can complete their assignments, access their account, and produce work any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many students will be in the class?

A. Typically, classes will have between 6-16 students in them.

Q. Can you guarantee my child will get a certain mark?

A. Students are given more attention than they would receive in their home schools, but this does not guarantee a passing grade. We cannot guarantee a grade but can promise that students will be shown the ways in which they can obtain their desired outcome in the course, if they apply themselves.

Q. Can I join a class that has already started?

A. This will be up to the discretion of the principal at each individual campus.

Q. What happens if a class is canceled due to a closure (i.e. power outage or inclement weather)?

A. Each situation will vary, but students will either be given coursework in lieu or a virtual class will be held.

Q. How do my marks get put on my home school transcript?

A. We will send an official copy of your report card to your home school once it has been completed; they will put the completed course on your transcript for you.

Q. When will I find out who my teacher is and/or what textbook I need?

A. You will find out who your teacher is the first day of class. Textbook information will be provided a few days before your start date, and can be ordered very quickly through an in house service.

Q. What happens if not enough students are enrolled?

A. We require a minimum amount of students to be able to run a particular course. Our staff will contact families two weeks ahead of the start date to notify them if their course is at risk of being cancelled. If the course does not run due to low enrollment, registered students may choose to enrol in a private course, online course, switch campuses or request a full refund.

Q. Can I miss any classes?

A. Students can miss up to 5 classes without their credit being in jeopardy. For Summer/Saturday sessions only 2 classes can be missed.

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