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Congratulations on Graduating from University! What Comes Next?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully earned your university degree.

That’s an accomplishment you should feel great about. But you may be wondering, “What do I do now?”

You might already have a job offer, which is excellent.

However, if you’re still figuring out your next steps or don’t have a job yet, here are some suggestions.


Consider Your Preferred Work Location:


Think beyond just the company or sector you want to work in when considering your preferred work location.

Also, contemplate the city or country where you’d like to live.

Are you considering staying in Canada, returning to your home country, or moving abroad?

Discussing these options with family and friends can provide valuable insights, but remember to stay true to your desires regarding where you wish to settle.

If you plan on working in Canada post-graduation, make sure to check the eligibility requirements for a post-graduation work permit.


Initiate (or Proceed with) Your Job Hunt:


It might sound straightforward, but beginning your job search can be overwhelming.

If you’re unsure where to start, your university’s career services can offer guidance and support.

At Wilfrid Laurier University, for example, career services are accessible to you indefinitely.

We’re here to support you at any stage of your career journey.


Explore Further Education Options:


Pursuing a graduate degree or obtaining professional certification might be exactly what you need to achieve your academic and career aspirations.

You could even work for a few years and then return to school for a graduate degree that propels your career to the next level.

Laurier offers more than 50 graduate programs in various fields, including business, science, and the arts.


Look for Networking Opportunities:


Networking is an excellent way to meet new people and uncover opportunities you might not have been aware of before.

It’s beneficial regardless of whether you’re employed, seeking employment, or considering further education.

See what networking opportunities your university’s alumni association offers.

At Laurier, we have Ten Thousand Coffees, a platform for networking and mentorship that allows you to connect with Laurier alumni, build professional relationships, and exchange ideas.


Celebrate Your Achievement


Regardless of your path after graduation, take time to celebrate your dedication and achievements.

Completing university is a significant and commendable milestone, and it’s certainly a cause for celebration!